We prefer face-to-face interactions,
but this is a start

When you work with Wilcox & Flegel, you’ll get to know all of us: from drivers like Gary to Aaron and Steve Wilcox. Until then, here’s some information about our company so you can know more about what drives us.


Wilcox & Flegel is the product of generations of hard work by the Wilcox family as well as the employees, partners, and friends who have become part of the family. Find out what three generations can accomplish.  Learn more


Wilcox & Flegel is proud of the drivers, managers, and personnel who make this fuel distribution company tick. Meet our extended family.  Learn more


Want to join the family? Learn why our employees stay for decades.  Learn more


We love in-person interactions. Find one of our offices to pay bills, resupply, or just say hi. Come on by

Are you looking for cardlock locations? Or marine refueling docks?