An Enormous Small Family

Our company began in 1925 with a 55-gallon barrel of heating oil strapped to the back of a Ford truck. You can see from the timeline below that Wilcox + Flegel has grown incredibly since 1925, but at the end of the day, we don’t feel so different.

We’re still a fuel distributor dedicated to hard work, ingenuity, and value. We’ve been adamant about offering aggressive benefits to our employees and customers alike, and we continue building a company that lives its values. In 2007, for example, you’ll see that we opened Washington State’s first all-green bio-fuel station.  Over the years, our company has taken on other distribution companies to expand our geographic reach, product range, and services.

We currently own 13 convenience stores with gas, two truck stops with gas and stores, the Indy Way Diner restaurant, 30 cardlocks, 49 properties, and 100 vehicles. We partner with retail brands such as Chevron, Texaco, Shell, 76, Valero, Flying K, and US Ethanol. We also offer Mobil-branded lubricants and cardlocks from CFN and Pacific Pride.

We’re a large company now, which gives us the strength and flexibility to offer great service to our customers, but when I walk around our offices, I forget how much we’ve grown. I see faces that I’ve known for years. I see my son, Aaron, working hard to keep this company growing in its third generation of business. I see 350 people who make this company tick, but Wilcox + Flegel will always feel like a family to me—because, I suppose, it is.


Steve Wilcox, Former President
a.k.a. “Little Steve”

Company Timeline

1925 “Smiling” Jack Manning sells heating oil off his truck.

1952 Steve S. Wilcox, Jr., financed by his father Steve S. Wilcox, purchases Manning Fuel.

1954 Art Flegel joins Steve Wilcox, Jr., launching the Wilcox + Flegel Fuel Oil Company and its slogan, “We make warm friends.”

1957 Bill Wilson, a distribution agent, partners with Chevron.

1964 Wilcox + Flegel adds Campbell Fuel.

1971 Bill Wilson incorporates Wilson Oil.

1974 Wilcox + Flegel merges with Wilson Oil. Wilcox + Flegel now distributes heating fuel, gasoline, diesel, and lubricants.

1977 “Little Steve” Wilcox, Steve Junior’s son, joins the company at age 22 as head Yard Man.

1980 The eruption of Mount Saint Helens leads to a partnership between Wilcox + Flegel and the Army Corp of Engineers, making the company a 24-hour, full-week delivery service.

2007 Wilcox + Flegel opens the first all-green biofuel station in the state of Washington (located at 416 Oregon Way in Longview).

2008 Aaron Wilcox, Little Steve’s son, joins the company at age 28 as a project manager.

2015 Aaron Wilcox named President.

2018 Steve Wilcox retires.