The Wilcox & Flegel family

Wilcox & Flegel can trace its roots back to 1925, when “Smiling” Jack Manning sold heating oil from a 55-gallon barrel strapped to the back of his truck.

Since 1952, when Steve Wilcox Sr. purchased Manning Oil Company, Wilcox & Flegel has grown into a fuel distributor with over 200 employees. Hopefully some day we can list everyone on this page, but just like the company, we’ll start somewhere small and add over time.

Steve Wilcox


Steve represents the second Wilcox generation at Wilcox & Flegel. He has always been drawn to people—which drove him to study sociology in college and drives him now to work closely with both employees and customers. When asked to describe his job, Steve says, “The buck stops here.”

Steve is an original member of the Community House steering committee and he’s a fierce fisherman. While he is proud of catching 395 tuna in 2012, he is even more proud of his family: Ellen, his wife of 37 years, and his children, Aaron and Jennifer.


Aaron Wilcox

Vice president, Operations & Commercial Sales

Aaron Wilcox, the third Wilcox generation, joined Wilcox & Flegel in 2007. He has an MBA in business finance from Loyola Marymount, with a particular interest in operational efficiency.

At work, he enjoys working closely with his customers. Outside of work, he snowboards, cooks, and travels with his wife, Aubrey.


Jason Mellema

Vice president, Retail

Jason first joined Wilcox & Flegel in 1986, while still in high school. He worked in the warehouse back then, but after graduating from Washington State University, he joined the company full time in 1994 and now manages branded and unbranded retail stations.

Jason is especially proud to have worked alongside his father, Gary Mellema, until Gary retired in 2008. Outside of work, Jason loves playing and watching sports, especially with his two children, Karli and Dylan, and his fiancée Gaylene.


David Walling

Operations Manager

David joined Wilcox & Flegel in 2003, bringing with him ten years of management and engineering experience (and an engineering degree from the University of Portland). Currently, he oversees the logistics of the company.

He particularly enjoys the people he works with. When he’s off the clock, he enjoys watching or coaching his children, Brooke and Reece, in sports, or spending time with his wife Judy.


Our company has been built over three generations of hard work. We’re proud of our history and the future we’re building.