Grease your motors and your business

Whether you work in transportation, lumber, or marine services, you need fuels and lubricants to arrive on schedule every time. At Wilcox & Flegel, we’ve built our distribution business around your needs. Our goal is that you never think about fuel and lubricants ever again.

Commercial services

We don’t just provide fuels, lubricants, and DEF. We provide predictive supply software, price hedging, and efficiency reports. Read more


Easily access Wilcox & Flegel cardlock locations as well as other CFN and Pacific Pride locations with your personal login. Read more


Locate Wilcox & Flegel’s docks and find out which might be best for you. Read more


Read about our complete product line of lubricants and find all the product data you need, including MSDS and distribution range. Read more

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

As you add to your fleet or renew older vehicles, DEF will become a growing priority. Learn about DEF and our distribution services. Read more

Fuel products

Find the distribution range for our commercial fueling network, which includes everything from biodiesel to fuel additives. You’ll also find all the product data you need. Read more

Not sure what you need? We’re always glad to help. Contact us and speak to a knowledgeable Wilcox & Flegel employee.