What you need, when you need it

Due to new EPA regulations in 2010, more and more commercial vehicles will be required to employ diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which reduces harmful emissions in the exhaust.

Wilcox & Flegel delivers DEF to your door, and we can help answer any question you have about its use, handling, or requirements.

Delivery service

What you need, when you need it, where you need it. Simple.

Cost-reducing on-site solutions

Set up an on-site filling solution with us that cuts your costs and meets your needs.

Quality control

Poor quality DEF can have detrimental effects on your engine’s SCR system. That’s why we employ a closed-loop system that never exposes DEF to the elements, as well as a rigorous protocol of testing.

On-site training

Work with our experts to train you and your drivers.


Find affordable pricing on equipment for your DEF, lubricant, and fueling needs. Wilcox & Flegel also offers customized on-site equipment set-ups to maximize efficiency and ROI.

View our resources page for material safety data sheets, or contact us if you have questions about diesel exhaust fluid supply.