Quality, speed and competitive pricing

Wilcox & Flegel provides the full spectrum of lubricants for your application—including Exxon Mobil lubricants, SHC lubricants, and bioblend lubricants. Contact us to place an order or learn about our products below.

Exxon Mobil lubricants

We’ve partnered with Exxon Mobil to provide you with the full line of Exxon Mobil’s market-leading lubricants.

Delivery options

You can order bulk lubricants at a discount or individual packages—always delivered to your location.

Custom solutions

We’ve designed on-site tank systems for our customers to perfectly fit their needs.

Quality control

As with our fuels, we enact a protocol for sampling and delivery that allows us to guarantee the quality of our lubricants.

On-site training

Work with Wilcox & Flegel’s experts to learn efficient and proper usage and handling of products.


Find affordable pricing on equipment for your lubricant, DEF, and fueling needs. Wilcox & Flegel also offers customized on-site equipment set-ups to maximize efficiency and ROI.

For material safety data sheets, visit our resources page. Or contact us if you’re ready to place an order.