Commitment to

Family is at the heart of everything we do. Whether employee or customer, business or charity, the W+F community is a patchwork of amazing individuals who care deeply for our shared success. They continue to inspire us every day, giving meaning to the services we provide. Our president, Aaron Wilcox, shares our company commitment to community—the foundation of who we are.

Going the Distance

Going the distance is an everyday mantra at Wilcox and Flegel. Whatever crisis our customers are in, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help.

Estacada Wildfire

As we’ve all witnessed, the Northwest was ravaged by wildfires this year, and some of the fires hit closer to home than we would have wished.

At the height of the fire spread, officials in Estacada, Oregon were alerted that the Riverside Fire had become too difficult to contain and residents were forced to evacuate, including five employees of our own.

Our company has deep ties to the Estacada community, and on Friday 9/18, several of our Operations team members managed to retrofit one of our trucks and DEF tankers with a firehose and the equipment necessary to pump water, as well as 30 water totes.

Over the next four days, our team pumped over 40,000 gallons of water to assist the Estacada community.  After the fires ended, many of our team members stayed to help in the aftermath.

We seek to help all our communities in both dire times and daily life.  The people and families here are truly in our hearts.

Commitment to Our Customers

Your bottom line is our bottom line. Our customers come from industries of all kinds, but they each have one thing in common — a need for smooth, efficient operations. We strive to make a true impact on your company success, every day of the year.

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Wilcox & Flegel has not only been integral in improving my brand, but the attention, quality, and customer service have been second to none! From the Delivery staff up to my local rep…..all Steller!
Craig Noel - Owner/Operator Sun Automotive
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Wilcox & Flegel is a great company. The customer service is very good. We recently switched from another company and so far it’s been great
Dawson Trucking - Valley, WA

Sponsoring a Better Tomorrow

Community development is a company passion. We sponsor a range of nonprofits, events, causes, and more as our best foot forward towards a better tomorrow for everyone.

Longview Public Schools
St. Jude Children's Hospital
United Way