Now Servicing Fuel to Eugene and SW Oregon!

At Wilcox and Flegel, our 97 years of service to our communities and customers, as well as our team of people, make us the gold standard partner. Your power is our priority, and we can’t wait to get to know your individual fuel and lubrication needs.


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Contact us today at (800) 438-9656 to learn more about how we can help you with your fuel and lubrication needs. We’d love to answer any questions you have and to have the opportunity to show you how we treat family.

Not only do you not have to lose the products that you use and rely on, but you gain a sales team of 30 strong, a direct relationship with a rep who can offer quick solutions to your needs and a full customer service team ready to take your call at all times.

Wilcox and Flegel has 35K sq. ft. Eugene Warehouse that is collaboratively set with desired inventory levels, mix/max, and forecasts. We will stock what you need.

Upfront incentives include…

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Equipment Offering

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Loaned or Surcharged

Up Front Money Available

Case by Case (ROI required)

How It Works

Step 1

Meet with us

It’s all about getting to know who you are.

We want to find out how you currently work, your products, your pain points, your pricing and inventory needs, and the things that make you unique. Simply put, we want all the details because at Wilcox and Flegel, we don’t believe one size fits all when you truly want to positively impact others.

Step 2

Get to know each other

We take what we’ve learned from you and share the ways we think we can help.

This is an energetic back and forth dialogue with an emphasis on straightforward and honest communication. We provide quotes and recommendations, and discuss marketing programs and sales collateral. We focus on creating a balanced partnership that makes good sense to both sides—but make no mistake about it, we will always be there for you, right when you need us.

Step 3

Start implementing a plan

Welcome to the Wilcox and Flegel family!

You’ll now get to fully experience our loyal and committed team environment. To top off the deal, Wilcox and Flegel comes out to prep tanks and your facility for first use. We come ready with a leak-proof plan for making sure the transition runs smoothly— by labeling tanks, pumps, and ensuring there will be no product quality issues when we first deliver.

Step 4

Make sure you’re well taken care of

We’re here for the long haul—not just for today or tomorrow, but well into the future.

Wilcox and Flegel is a full-service company and we come to you. You’ll get to know your steadfast account support team as we install tank monitors, manage your inventory, and help with oil analysis and training for your staff. And you’ll become familiar with the safe and strong work ethic that permeates the Wilcox and Flegel family and our true commitment to staying flexible. Change management is our specialty and as your partner we promise to treat every issue with our proven white-glove service.

Reasons to Choose Wilcox and Flegel

  • A direct relationship with a rep who can offer quick solutions to your needs.
  • A full customer service team that’s ready to take your call and support you at all times.
  • A strong supply chain behind you that utilizes multiple vendor relationships / supply points to keep your business running strong.
  • Mitigated allocation when additive shortages occur.
  • Service from a company with 12 warehouses in the Northwest, with more than 300k sq. ft. of floorspace dedicated to packaged lubricants, in addition to more than 1 million gallons of bulk lubricant storage.
  • Our vendor managed inventory program through our District Account Managers.
  • Our tank monitor program.