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For nearly 100 years, Wilcox and Flegel has honored our commitment to be a company you can trust. We’re a dedicated to hard work, ingenuity, integrity, and value in everything we do, and we truly go the distance to make sure you have what you need quickly and consistently. And right now, Wilcox and Flegel is partnering with Mobil 1 to offer spectacular discounts!

Nothing beats Mobil 1™ motor oil in overall performance

With nearly four decades of synthetic research behind it, Mobil 1 motor oil is tested to the extreme to ensure it exceeds the latest industry standards.

Mobil 1 is designed to help keep your engine running like new by providing exceptional wear protection, cleaning power and overall performance.

More than 70 of the top performance vehicle models roll off factory lines with Mobil 1™ advanced full synthetic motor oil inside. Today’s engines are designed to achieve an optimal balance of power, fuel economy and emissions. Bolstered by its winning history in motorsports, Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil meets and exceeds those requirements. The unique formulation of Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic motor oil helps car owners get the most out of their vehicles, which is just one of the many reasons why automakers use Mobil 1 motor oil.

Keep your engine running like new
Unsurpassed wear protection to help extend engine life
Can clean up virtually all sludge in just one oil change
Flows quickly to protect at start-up, even down to -35F
Protects In high engine temperatures up to 500F
Recommended by more OEMs/car builders/auto manufacturers than any other oil brand in the world

Discount Pricing

6-Gallon Mobil Boxx™

$12216 per Mobil Boxx™

$5.09 per quart

The Mobil Boxx is our fastest growing package size. Customers love the convenience of the easy to use dispensing system with over 10 oil viscosity options that you can use to store, display, and promote your oil. Saves space, waste, and time with up to 10 efficient oil options.


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6/1 Quart Case

$3450 per case

$5.90 per quart

Our quart boxes are our most classic package size and offer the widest product availability. Keep your engine running like new with Mobil 1 in every viscosity.

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55 Gallon Drum

$1,034 per 55 gallon drum

$4.70 per quart

For those seeking to maximize their return on investment, take a look at our Mobil 1 deals in drums. We offer volume discounts for all our products in drum and bulk quantities.

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Viscosities Available:

0W/20, 0W/30, 0W/40, 5W/20, 5W/30, 5W/40, 10W/30

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