We fully believe in every product we carry. As an authorized distributor for Phillips 66, Kendall, and Redline Oil our goals are to make sure our customers always have access to the highest performance products available. We have been frequently recognized as a top distributor in the nation for our quality assurance and customer service. We take the lubricants business seriously.

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We offer coolants, cutting fluids, spindle oils, way oils, and greases from Phillips 66 that help keep your manufacturing equipment running smoothly. From drilling and milling machines to gear shapers and CNC machines, we’ve got you covered.

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Manufacturing Products

Phillips 66 powerflow™ nz
he-e hydraulic oil

High-efficiency, high VI, zinc-free antiwear hydraulic oil for off-road equipment

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Phillips 66 extra duty
gear oil

Premium extreme-pressure industrial gear oil; formulated with “clean gear” additive technology

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Phillips 66 multipurpose
R&O oil

Rust & oxidation-inhibited,
anti-wear circulating oil

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We support the logging and sawmill industry with industry-leading engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, greases, and way oils. Our team is ready to find the right products for your buncher, forwarder, harvester, yarder, skitter, stacker, debarked, log turner, board feeder, chipper, planner, edger, and more.

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Forestry Products

Phillips 66 powertran®

Multipurpose hydraulic/transmission/
final drive fluid for farm tractors

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Phillips 66 omniguard®

Premium semi-synthetic, corrosion preventive, extreme-pressure calcium sulfonate grease

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Phillips 66 guardol® oat hd

Heavy duty nitrite free oat
extended life coolant/antifreeze

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We carry Phillips 66 and Kendall heavy-duty formulations that improve performance and help extend the life of your equipment. Talk to us to find the right oil or fluid for your bulldozers, skid steer loaders, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, pavers, and more.

Construction Products


Premium full-synthetic API CK-4 diesel engine oil; fortified with Liquid Titanium® protection additive

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Phillips 66 MEGAFLOW® AW

High-quality anti-wear
hydraulic oil

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Phillips 66 MEGAplex®

Extreme-pressure lithium
complex grease, 3% moly

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