Fuel Products
and Lubricants

We fully believe in every product we carry. As an authorized distributor for Phillips 66, Kendall, and Redline Oil our goals are to make sure our customers always have access to the highest performance products available. We have been frequently recognized as a top distributor in the nation for our quality assurance and customer service. We take the lubricants business seriously.

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Where Quality Meets Quantity

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Fuel Products

We select the highest-quality fuels for distribution. You can count on us to have what you need to get you where you’re going.

  • Premium Diesel (Available at Longview Pac Pride and Indy Way Station)
  • Innospec Fuel Additives
  • Prestone Anti-Freeze
  • Quaker Specialty Fluids
  • Non-ethanol gas
  • Bulk Sunoco Standard 110 race fuel


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Regardless of where you’re going, you can rely on us to help get you there. With the full spectrum of lubricants available, we have what you need to keep things running smoothly.

  • Phillips 66 & Kendall Lubricants and Greases
  • Redline Oil Performance Products
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL)
  • ExxonMobil Marine Lubricants
  • Specialty Metalworking Fluids


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If you’re in need of equipment, we’ve got you covered. Our full line offers storage, handling, and dispensing solutions for DEF, lubricants, and fuel.

  • Graco, Alemite, Roth, and Piusi Equipment Brands
  • Des-Case, Schroeder Filtration Brands
  • Filtration Equipment — Keep your oil clean and dry.
  • Inventory Management — Fuel Cloud Systems and Fuel Tracking Software


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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Due to new EPA regulations in 2010, more and more commercial vehicles will be required to employ diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which reduces harmful emissions in the exhaust. We deliver DEF to your door, and we can help answer any question you have about its use, handling, or requirements.

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Our DEF Services Include:

DEF Delivery

What you need, when you need it, where you need it. Simple.


Set up an on-site filling solution with us that cuts your costs and meets your needs.


Poor quality DEF can have detrimental effects on your engine’s SCR system. That’s why we employ a closed-loop system that never exposes DEF to the elements, as well as a rigorous protocol of testing.

On-site DEF

Work with our experts to train you and your drivers.


Find affordable pricing on equipment for your DEF, lubricant, and fueling needs. We also offers customized on-site equipment set-ups to maximize efficiency and ROI.

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for Cardlock services?

We support a vast network of regional Cardlock stations and beyond, all while helping to optimize your fleet.

Interested in ordering or learning more about our product offerings?

Our supply and distribution experts are ready to help. Have additional questions? Read our FAQ

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Product FAQ


What package sizes do you carry?

We offer the following package sizes, depending on the product:

  • Quarts
  • Gallons
  • Pail (5 gallon)
  • Pro Pack (6 gallon bag in a box)
  • Keg (16 gallon)
  • Drum (55 gallon)
  • Bulk to be pumped into bulk tanks
How often do you deliver?

We deliver 5 days a week with limited deliveries on weekends.

Is there a delivery fee?

Wilcox and Flegel does not charge any delivery fees, invoice fees, or environmental fees. In order to stay competitive, we do have a minimum order requirement for free delivery.

What if my order is below the minimum?

Depending on the product, we can ship via UPS or can have the product available for will call pick up at your nearest warehouse or deliver for an additional $50.

Do you charge a drum deposit?

We do not charge any drum deposits.

What is your service area?

Wilcox and Flegel covers all of Oregon, Washington, the pan handle of Idaho, and SW Alaska.

Do you offer bulk equipment?

Yes- Wilcox and Flegel offers a variety of bulk oil, DEF and fuel tanks. We also offer pumps, reels, meters and more!

Does W+F offer used oil pickup?

We currently do not offer used oil pickup, but we partner with multiple companies that we can refer you to.

How do I find out more about purchasing products from W+F?

Please refer to the Contact section of our website, a Regional Sales Manager for your area will be happy to assist

I have a Technical question about an oil, where can I find more info?

Please contact your local Customer Service Representative and they will connect you to the resources needed to answer your question. Also, Exxon Mobil has a technical help desk with great customer service – 1-800-443-9966

Does W+F offer credit terms?

Yes, please click here to access our credit application. W+F offers 15-day terms on cardlock fuel, and 30- day terms upon credit approval for delivered fuel, lubricants, and DEF. Please reach out to your DSR for an application or download the application on our website

Can I pay my invoices with a credit card?

Yes! Most of our customers prefer to use our online payment portal found here.

Can I pay my W+F invoices online?

Yes! Utilizing W+F’s online payment portal makes paying invoices simple and fast!

Does W+F offer vendor managed inventory?

Yes. W+F offers multiple methods to support our customers inventory management needs. The most commonly used tool is tank monitor systems. These tank monitors allow us to ensure you stay up and running, they are secure and provide useful reporting to assist you with your inventory needs. We also provide data driven reports to help our customers plan their inventories and ensure you never run out.

Does W+F offer loaned equipment?

Yes, W+F supports customers with loaned equipment when needed. Please contact a sales rep to see if you qualify today!