Lower Emissions with Cleaner Burning Renewable Diesel.

Do you want to run a cleaner burning, more efficient fuel that has lower emissions and better performance? Now you can with renewable diesel available at Wilcox + Flegel.

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Renewable diesel fuel has several advantages over fossil diesel. Compared to fossil diesel, renewable diesel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% over its life time cycle. Plus it’s a much cleaner burning fuel with a cetane rating between 75-90 vs. 48-52 for petroleum diesel. This means a more complete and clean burn. Cleaner burning fuel can increase the life of your Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) which helps reduce the numbers of DPF Regenerations and unplanned downtime.

Renewable diesel is a drop-in fuel. This enables easy and quick switching without conversion costs to either vehicles or fueling and storage infrastructure. It can also be used pure or blended with fossil diesel. Just fuel up and drive!

What is Renewable Diesel?

It’s not fossil diesel. It’s not biodiesel. Renewable diesel is a high quality diesel fuel made from renewable materials that do not release new carbon into the atmosphere. The refin- ing process is similar to fossil diesel, but instead of using crude oil, renewable diesel utilizes a wide range of fats, oils, and waste products as the base stock.

The result is a product that is significantly better for the environment than fossil diesel, while – thanks to its chemical composition – delivers at least the same performance, if not better, and can be used without modifications to the fleet or infrastructure.

What’s the Difference?

PropertiesPetroleum /Fossil DieselRenewable Diesel /HVOBio Diesel /FAME
Environmentally Friendly?NoYesYes
Weight (g/ML).83-.85.78.88
Energy per Weight (MJ/kg)434438
Energy by Volume (BTU/gal)129,000123,000118,000
Oxidation StabilityGoodExcellentPoor
Cold Flow / Cloud PointGoodVery GoodPoor
LubricityGood w/AdditivesGood /AdditivesExcellent – Greasy!
Engine HealthGoodExcellentDepends..

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